Project 1 : Being an only child

​Stamp design

After 36 years of implementing the one-child policy, the last generation of only children in Chinese history is now about to start their own families. I was one of the countless only children born under this policy, growing up with a traditional Chinese upbringing. Therefore, I would like to tell our own story as an only child, focusing on several important stages of the life of an only child group, such as birth, childhood, youth, and adulthood, to emphasise the two sides of love in the parent-child relationship, i.e. love and conflict. At the same time, the story is linked with traditional childhood games and Chinese idioms, and this historical event is recorded in the form of a postage stamp. Overall, this work is both a reflection on Chinese culture and history and a mapping of the countless contemporary one-child families.

Project 2 : We, brewers

Picture book

A female brewer sets out to brew a unique beer after being unpopular with the crowd. She then meets equally good female brewers who admire each other and exchange ideas. But the story takes a turn when they are accused of being "magical" witches by jealous people who then punish them.  In the end, they unite their powers and create a beer that is the fruit of their blood and tears.

酿酒师 (2).png
酿酒师 (1).png

Project 3 :
Female relationship

Theme illustration

Themed on the rich inner world of women and their complicated friendship, the picture was an emotional creation that I explore and seek answers from the perspective of a female for the first time. I tried to use images such as gems and pearls and changes of characters’ positions and distance as the representations of a certain state in a relationship. Female Relationship explores two sides of women’s friendship: sometimes it is filled with love and peace, but sometimes hurt and betrayals.

Project 4 :
Would you like a bite?

Theme illustration

This series explores the combination of oriental cuisine and women, using traditional Asian favourites such as Vietnamese spring rolls, hot pot, ramen, Japanese sushi and Chinese pancakes as the subject of a single sheet. Using women as the main subject, the series deconstructs the different meanings of 'beauty' and blends them with food, while adding oriental flora and fauna as a unique element to add a decorative aesthetic to the images.

Project 5 : 21st century illness

Theme illustration

Where do people get their stress from?
How do people deal with emotionality?
What illnesses can be caused by emotionalism?

Perhaps it is the rapid development of the 21st century that is causing people to become overloaded with stress. Every day there are many people who struggle with insomnia, depression, overeating, and forgetfulness... So, how about considering the magic of herbal treatments? It might work HEHE :)

Theme illustration

Project 6 : Adventure

It was my personal experience of growing up nearsighted. I took it as a fantastical adventure, finding my own wonderland as I walked through huge skyscrapers and dodged vicious chicken men.